Good day i guess.
Im an artist, i draw stuff. Monsters, mutants, demons, guns and whatever else.
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CheeseBaron's News

Posted by CheeseBaron - 2 weeks ago

going to participat :)))))


Posted by CheeseBaron - 1 month ago


was wondering why i randomly got a bunch of new follows out of nowhere and apparently this little thing got frontpaged



Posted by CheeseBaron - October 20th, 2023

Tis not good

thats it thats the post lol

Well ok mostly just things are boring and monotone and tiring as usual

Twitter is slowly falling apart n im not sure what to make of it

Havent touched godot in almost a month so all projects are on hold indefinetly (and yea the madness game aint coming out any time soon i guess :/ )

I made some cool pixelart i guess:


While i havent been making any of my own projects ive been helping a friend with his by making art n stuff so yea


go watch interface by umami cuz its neat.

Thats about it

Shoutout to whoever reads this


Posted by CheeseBaron - September 27th, 2023


I made the terrible scope and i am going to complete the terrible scope

even if itll be a madness day game thats like 2 weeks late or more

gone too far to just cancel it now

Posted by CheeseBaron - September 18th, 2023

First, yknow i wish newgrounds allowed to upload art n maybe make blog posts from mobile, probably would post my pen doodles much more often here if that was the case but otherwise the hassle of getting the images from the phone to the laptop is kinda meh :P

Anyway, i and @DecapiTATO been working on a small-ish game project that i planned to finish n push out on madness day but it seems i aint making it in time unless i rush it, and id imagine even if i do itll just come out raw so letsa not do that. Current plan is to upload it before the end of September at least, possibly first half of october if i cant manage even that.

I brought some screenshots today though so heres how this stuff looks so far:

Just stuff here, the gameplay is a sortof really simplistic beatemup + a bit of bullethell at the same time because i thought making a game like NARC would be fun n fit with the madness combat theme.


Some gameplay screenshot with no enemies because taking screenshots for me takes so long that the enemies will just kill you


Main menu + customization screen in one cuz i thought itd be neat and also wanted to try something like that for a while. Customization i mean, obviously ive done a few menus in my lifetime already.


Level 1 in the top screenshots is basically finished but level 2 and especially 3 are completely empty and im definetly not gonna be able to finish them (and their respective bosses) in just 4 days, which is why i decided to delay the game :/


N thats about it really. Back to the shadow realm i go.

Or actually, anyone seen that fucking, AI co-created cola flavour? Was weird and tbh kinda funny when i found it in a local shop. I tasted it and it was basically just cream soda so uhh... yea ive got nothin its just cream soda and i like cream soda, was kinda overpriced though, like all branded cola i guess.


Now im actually out of things to talk about. Have fun or somethin.


Posted by CheeseBaron - September 4th, 2023


Oh also im working on a game for madness day.


Posted by CheeseBaron - July 19th, 2023

I aint got anythin to say

I aint doing anything useful really

Escaping responsibilities by having 3 projects at the same time because i cant focus on one

heres some stuff from them i guess






And thats all i can provide

Not enough content to live on, i know

What are you gonna do? Cry at me over the internet?

iu_1027285_7691551.gifiu_1027286_7691551.gif <------ They are father an son




Posted by CheeseBaron - June 8th, 2023

Remembered it exists and managed to 100% it. Yey.

Think its one of my favorite games on the entire website honestly. Good stuff.





Posted by CheeseBaron - June 5th, 2023

Just kinda really tired and bored these past few days. Unable to bring myself to actually work on anythin, not sure why.

This is just going to be reminiscing about ye olden days, primarily about how i kinda miss the simplicity of game maker. Godot, while much more powerful and versatile, is also much more clunky. Honestly just having a built in sprite editor where i could just quickly make up a placeholder sprite or two without having to open a separate program, and then save it as a separate file, and then open that file in godot, and then set the region correct if i made an atlas/add the animation frames if i made an animation sheet. This all just takes a while honestly. Same with coding some basic stuff, like a bullet for example:

Gamemaker: Create object, set speed in creation event, set to damage enemies on collision, and boom youre done.

Godot: Create a new scene, set up the area, collision shape and sprite nodes, set up the collision layers, make a vector and then make it move based on that vector, add a signal and a bunch of code to damage enemies when it hits them, and then fine tune that shit because you definetly did something wrong.

Not bad, im even kinda used to it, but it does feel much more sluggish than game maker. Dont really want to switch back to game maker because i preffer to endorse FOSS supremacy though, so whatever.

Oh also the new tile system in godot is really jank and a bit frustrating to work with (but hopefully will be fixed soon, maybe) so thats another point of annoyance.

Anyway, this is me mostly just killing some time cuz i have no idea what else to do. Have a good day.

Posted by CheeseBaron - April 24th, 2023

I draw basically no things worth posting here anymore i guess, mostly just dump them out on my deviantart and twitter.

Heres a bunch of them.

Oh also yea if anyone wants anything you can just ask and ill draw it when i get the chance and mood.









And thats about it, maybe ill have enough material for a part 2 at some point. And only after writing this i realised i should have probably uploaded this as a drawing and just put all the extras into there or somethin, too bad.